I've been kind of stressing about my outline but I got it! And some other branch ideas as well! Can't wait to present!
This week I updated my website by adding the gallery and making my interests better. I'm planning on doing my outline this week also. My theme is change, and to compare my projects from last semester to this semester and also as a reflect on how this long semester has changed me as a person and reflected on my projects and the effort that i give. 
Threw this semester the stuff that has happened has dramaticly impacted my projects and i cant wait for this year to be

Mixed clay is done and I'm feeling great about that! I love that fact that it looks so marbled and amazing
The week has really drug on and made me feel like crap. I lost my best friend and I am no longer the same any more. I'm CONPLETLY stressed and don't know what to do
This post was on time! YAY ME. This is the worst foot I've ever done however. I do think this clay is so different to throw with, but it was cool at the end of the day. I can't believe I actually got a blog on a Monday:) :) :) bored in class tooooooo much. Reaching the end of the year and I just don't want to do anything
This week I managed to make a really dashing honey jar that is themed like Winnie the Pooh. I also finished a pitcher like thing without a handle
This is a porcelain. It is a middle size bowl that measures out to 5'x'5 in. It is glazed in clear, and has blue glass ingraved in the clay. The glass didn't turn out as shiny as planned. The thing I learned with this project is to not ingrave the glass in the project because it doesn't look good. The way the blue looks on the plate gives the project more characteristic than without.
First day back from break! 8 weeks to go tell I'm done with this year as a sophomore and I can't wait! Got my hair done so that's cool, even tho I hate it.
This week I had to turn in three project for the art contest and I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to turn in. But the ones I did are definitly the best!!
Everything got finnished! So yay! It's been a good week so far but it's only Monday that isn't saying much, I've been working so hard on these so I'm glad they are over!